Haiti Is Collapsing: Interior Ministry Set on Fire, Presidential Palace Attacked – PM Henry Faces Mounting Internal and External Pressure To Resign

Haiti forces are frequently overpowered by rebels.

The present situation in Haiti defies our capacity for hyperbole. After more than a week of widespread violence and chaos, the country is politically adrift as Prime Minster Ariel Henry can’t even return to the country, and faces both internal and international pressure to resign.

MSM headlines try to describe it by saying that Haiti ‘may fall at any time,’ is ‘on the brink,’ ‘spiraling into chaos,’ and further pointing out that ‘a major humanitarian crisis is unfolding.’

The heavily armed men who control the capital Port-au-Prince and are about to overthrow the government are still described as ‘gang members,’ but, by now, they have all but morphed into a rebel force posing as an alternative to the government.

Calls for some kind of foreign force to intervene in Haiti are multiplying, but by now, there is apparently no possibility of ‘peace-keeping’ – whoever goes in will have to wrestle control by force.

At this point, the seemingly inevitable outcome is for PM Henry to be deposed. But then what?

The Interior Ministry was set ablaze overnight, and multiple police stations and government offices were attacked in the capital.

Bloomberg reported:

“Local media reported intense fighting in downtown Port-au-Prince, as more than a week of violence aimed at toppling the government of Prime Minister Ariel Henry reached a new peak.”

Caribbean Community Caricom Chairman Mohamed Irfaan Ali:

“We are acutely aware of the urgent need for consensus. We have impressed on the respective parties that time is not on their side in agreeing to the way forward. From our reports, the situation on the ground remains dire, and is of serious concern to us.”

Meanwhile, the political leader who should be heading the effort against the gang rebels can’t even return to the country.

“[Prime Minister] Henry, who left Haiti on Feb. 25 to build support for a multinational security force led by Kenya, has been unable to return to the country, as gangs have attacked the capital and closed the main airport. The Biden administration has called on Henry to support a transition of power.”

Last we heard from Henry, he was in Puerto Rico facing growing pressure — both domestically and from abroad — to resign and make way for a transitional government.

The armed gang rebels launched a large-scale assault against multiple government buildings.

ABC News reported:

“The attack was coordinated and swift, with different groups simultaneously targeting multiple government buildings including the Presidential Palace, the Interior Ministry, and a police headquarters for Haiti’s western district which includes Port-au-Prince.”

Intense gunfire and heard large explosions were heard.

“Preliminary numbers indicate around a dozen gang fighters were killed, though cautioned the figure was not fully confirmed. No police casualties have yet been reported.”

Haiti is collapsing as we speak:

• Interior Ministry on fire
• Attacks on the international airport
• Gunfights outside the Presidential Palace
• Attempted breaches of the Ministry of Education and Supreme Court

The time for an international mission was yesterday. pic.twitter.com/BILksQVfRd

— Kareem Rifai (@KareemRifai) March 9, 2024

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