Watch: Dana Carvey’s Ruthlessly Accurate Biden Impression Cracks Up David Spade and Producers

Who knew Dana Carvey had such a devastatingly accurate impression of our senile commander in chief, the one and only Joe Biden?

Clearly, neither Carvey’s comedian buddy David Spade nor the crew of their Superfly podcast did, if this video shared on the social media platform X is any indication.

@danacarvey ‘s Biden got a lot to say. @superflypod up now

— David Spade (@DavidSpade) March 4, 2024

A few minutes into their Feb. 9 episode, Spade asked Carvey, a comedian and actor best known for his stint on SNL, about his comedy gigs. “Do you do impressions or straight standup?”

Carvey, in response, said, “impressions are the best — quick and fast.”

In fact, he told Spade, referring to his last gig, “I started with Biden, because the border’s all the rage now.”

Carvey then described how he started by depicting the president in 2021, shortly after he took office. “I did Biden, three years ago, and he’s at a press conference.”

First playing the part of a news reporter, Carvey threw out a question: “Mr. President, do you have any idea of how you’re going to handle the crisis at the border?”

Then Carvey, mimicking Biden, responded, “First of all, let’s get our facts straight. There’s no crisis at the border. C’mon!” with the same sleepy eyes and tone of voice identical to what we’ve come to associate with our geriatric president.

Spade began cracking up as Carvey, back to playing the reporter, asked, “How do you know, sir?”

Again putting on his best Biden persona, Carvey held up something in his hand. “’Cause it says so on the piece of paper. C’mon!” He began to ramble and trail off in a Bidenesque way: “It’s says on the paper …  says on the paper, right there!”

Fast-forwarding to the present day, Carvey provided background context, explaining that now, “everyone’s screaming to close the border.”

Responding as a pompous, blustering 2024 Biden, Carvey then declared, “I’ll close the border! I’ll close the border harder than anyone’s ever closed the border! I know how to close borders. C’mon on, Jack!”

Breaking away to demonstrate the confused looks on reporters’ faces, Carvey said, “The press is like, ‘But last time …’”

Carvey-as-Biden responded by going into a full-on Uncle Joe rant, starting off loud but then petering off into a slurring, rambling, train wreck: “Get your facts straight! I’ll beat the hell out of ya. Whatta ya, dog-face pony soldier … C’mon! Let’s do some push-ups!”

Carvey nailed his impression, skewering Biden’s inability to speak in clear sentences, his unique mannerisms and his senile-old-man squint.

All the while, Spade laughed even harder, and Carvey’s impression even made a producer in the background start losing it.

While exaggerated for comic effect, it would be hard to deny how dead-on accurate Carvey’s impression of Biden really was.

The speaking style and the word choice in particular were perfect, because they rang so true.

Honestly, it’s sad that a relatively straightforward impression of our president can be so absurd on its own.

You would hope that a comedic impression of the leader of the free world would take more effort to so readily crack up an experienced comedian like Spade.

At this point, however, Biden is so far gone mentally, despite stubbornly refusing to acknowledge that fact, that it’s not hard to make him look ridiculous.

At least we can get some laughs out of this farce of a presidency.

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