AND ANOTHER ONE: Boeing Plane Forced to Land After Fuel Starts Leaking Out During Takeoff (VIDEO)

Credit: NBC Bay Area Youtube Screenshot

The woes continue to pile up for Boeing.

As NBC Bay Area reported, a scary scene unfolded Monday after one of the troubled manufacturer’s planes, a 777-300 jet, was forced to land due to fuel leaking from its right landing gear.

The incident occurred just 10 seconds after United Airlines Flight 830 from Sydney to San Francisco took off. Video captured by plane spotter New York Aviation shows clear images of fluid spewing from the plane.

A passenger video also shows the airline crew dumping fuel before the plane lands.


NBC Bay Area reports the crew of the Boeing 777-300 jet continued over the ocean for a while before turning around.

The plane later landed safely back at the airport in Sydney. No one was injured, but the incident is now under investigation.

This marks the FIFTH alarming incident involving a Boeing Plane in just seven days. For example, an even worse incident occurred the same day when 50 passengers were injured on the firm’s 787 Dreamliner during a flight from Sydney to Auckland.

But the fallout gets even worse for the company. A Boeing whistleblower named John Barnett was found dead in a supposed suicide on Monday when he was supposed to testify against the company. Barnett alleged that he personally witnessed overworked employees fitting sub-standard parts to Boeing planes on the assembly line. In some cases, the parts were removed from scrap bins.

Barnett’s family says the company contributed to his death by subjecting him to a hostile work environment.

As the Daily Mail notes, the FAA has revealed Boeing failed 33 of 89 audits during an exam of Boeing’s 737 Max. This is a model the firm had been planning to update with the delayed Max 10.

United Airlines CEO Scott Kirby said Tuesday at a JPMorgan investor conference that his company has requested Boeing stop working on the unreleased jets.

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