Former DNI John Ratcliffe on Judge Tossing Out Several Charges Against Trump: Nathan Wade “Is Inexperienced and Didn’t Plead it Properly” (VIDEO)


As reported earlier, Georgia Judge Scott McAfee partially sided with former President Donald Trump and dismissed several charges against the former president in the bogus Georgia election interference case.

It can be recalled that the bogus racketeering case in Atlanta against former President Donald J. Trump and others has been assigned to Scott F. McAfee, a recently appointed Fulton County Superior Court judge who once served under Soros-funded Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis.

Soros-funded District Attorney Fani Willis returned ten junk indictments against President Donald Trump for questioning the 2020 stolen election—a right protected under the First Amendment of the Constitution.

President Donald Trump, alongside 18 others, was indicted on a total of 41 charges, with Trump facing 13 counts last year, a blatant attack on those who dared to challenge the integrity of the 2020 election. Additionally, 30 unindicted co-conspirators are being scrutinized for their role in exposing election irregularities.

Following the news from Georgia, former DNI John Ratcliffe joined Dana Perino on FOX News to discuss this latest development.

Former DNI Ratcliffe unloaded on Fani’s inexperienced lover Nathan Wade. Ratcliffe argued that Wade is inexperienced and didn’t plead it properly.

What a disgrace. And, this rookie Wade and his girlfriend Fani are attempting to take out the GOP candidate for president with these antics!

John Ratcliffe:  Good to be with you, Dana. Yeah. I haven’t really had a chance to look at it in detail, but this is akin to, in federal court, a motion for a more definite statement. It’s called a special demure in the state of Georgia. But essentially, what it is, is it’s various defendants saying, look, you’ve accused us of violating the law, specifically of violating our oath, but you haven’t told us how our conduct matches up with something that we should be held criminally responsible for.

And here the judge agreed. The judge said, you didn’t provide enough specificity in how you pled this. And so he quashed them or dismissed these counts. It’s not a dismissal of the entire case.

I think, if anything, my first take is it really sort of lends itself to the argument that the special prosecutor, special prosecutor Wade in this case is inexperienced in these types of cases and didn’t plead it properly, and as a result, these counts are being dismissed. So it’s a victory of sorts, certainly for former President Trump and all of the defendants that are affected by the ruling. But the case will continue in part.

Here is the video.

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