MASS MIGRATION UK: Embattled PM Sunak Wants To PAY Failed Asylum Seekers To Move to Rwanda Voluntarily

Son of Indian Immigrants, Rishi Sunak worked all his life towards becoming a businessman, later an MP, and later to fight to be a Conservative Party leader and Prime Minister.

It’s one hell of a story, and one can’t help but root a bit for him.

However, once Sunak took to the helm of the United Kingdom, it became clear that he either didn’t have the intention or the capacity of behaving like a proper conservative and leading his people out of the dire predicament that they find themselves in.

So his premiership is a succession of half-measures, and when someone acts or speaks like a real conservative, like ousted Home Secretary Suella Braverman or suspended MP Lee Anderson, Sunak is more than happy to throw them under the bus.

Why? He has no intention of taking the hard measures needed to be painted in the liberal MSM media as a villain – but now that he is getting destroyed in the polls, his maneuvers are becoming more desperate.

One of his main problems is that he promised to ‘stop the boats.’ To stem the flux of illegal migrants who arrive in small, inflatable boats.

Sunak has invested huge amounts of political capital in this, to no effect.

Now, it arises that Sunak’s government wants to pay asylum seekers up to 3,000 pounds ($3,836) each to move to Rwanda voluntarily.

They aim to clear the monster backlog of ‘refugees who have had their applications to remain in the country rejected’ – in plain speaking: they are illegal immigrants.

Reuters reported:

The new agreement with Rwanda is separate from the government’s stalled plan to forcibly deport most asylum seekers to the East African country, which was last year ruled unlawful by the UK’s Supreme Court.

Instead, it mirrors an existing government policy, where asylum seekers are offered financial assistance to leave the Britain for their home country, but under the new plan people will get the money if they agree to live in Rwanda.”

We are talking about tens of thousands of asylum seekers in Britain who have been refused asylum. Once again, illegals.

But the UK can’t remove them because the insane courts won’t allow them to return people ‘to a war-torn country or one with a poor human rights record.’

Kevin Hollinrake, junior business minister:

“So, 3,000 pounds, of course that’s a lot of money, but nevertheless, it costs a lot of money to keep people in the UK who are failed asylum seekers.”

Sunak is passing legislation through parliament that would block further court challenges by declaring Rwanda a so-called safe country for asylum seekers.

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