Netherlands Letdown: Geert Wilders Doesn’t Have Support of Coalition Partners To Become PM Right Now – But His Party Is Still Surging

And so it happened that the Netherlands will not have – at least for now – the Prime Minister that they voted for.

Populist champion Geert Wilders has admitted that he doesn’t have the support of his prospective coalition partners to become the next Dutch prime minister.

Before we proceed with the frankly unsympathetic MSM coverage, let´s just remind readers that Wilder’s popularity is still growing FAST.

His PPV party’s support rose to 32% by February, up from 24% three months ago – according to a Politico poll.

Survey conducted by the website showed that, if elections were held in the Netherlands now, the nationalist right would immediately win no less than 50 seats in parliament – that is – 13 more than in the last vote.

Associated Press reported:

“Wilders took to X, formerly Twitter, to say that ‘I can only become premier if ALL parties in the coalition support that. That wasn’t the case’.

His comment came after Dutch media reported that a breakthrough in coalition talks announced Tuesday night was that the leaders of all four parties involved in drawn-out coalition negotiations would remain in parliament.”

Geert’s decision opens up the possibility of the establishment of some sort of technical Cabinet made up of ‘experts’.

“’I really wanted a right-wing Cabinet. Less asylum and immigration. Dutch people number 1′, Wilders said on X. ‘The love for my country and voter is bigger and more important than my own position’.”

BBC reported:

“Mr. Wilders, 60, has spent months in talks with the centre-right VVD, New Social Contract (NSC) and BBB farmers’ parties to try and form a coalition government.

The leaders of those three insisted this week that the only way they would be willing to move forward was if all four party leaders agreed not to take a role in the government, according to Dutch public broadcaster NOS.

It was not immediately clear if a compromise figure for the prime minister’s post has emerged.”

The Guardian reported:

“[Wilders] later added another post saying he would ‘still become prime minister of the Netherlands’ one day. ‘With the support of even more Dutch people. If not tomorrow, then the day after. The voice of millions of Dutch people will be heard!’

The populist PVV won 37 seats – far more than forecast but well short of a majority in the 150-seat parliament – in the November election and has since been holding exploratory coalition talks with three potential rightwing allies.”

All the poisoning of his person promoted by the chorus of liberal MSM proved an insurmountable obstacle for the other parties.

“Wilders’ announcement comes a day before the intermediary facilitating the coalition negotiations, Kim Putters, is due to present a report on their progress, amid mounting speculation of a breakthrough that could produce a technocratic government.”

An ‘extra-parliamentary’ cabinet could be appointed to would work closely with lawmakers.

“Putters said the parties – the PVV, liberal-conservative VVD, populist Farmer-Citizen Movement (BBB) and NSC – were ready to take the “next step” after two days of ‘good and intense’ talks at a country estate on Monday and Tuesday.”

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