Phony Black Activist Shaun King Converts to Islam (VIDEO)

Fake black activist Shaun King converted to Islam a few days ago and he is already struggling with the daily prayers.

Recall that Shaun King recently lied about helping facilitate the release of two American hostages from Hamas.

Then after the release of Natalie and her mother fake black activist Shaun King, aka. Talcum X, claimed on social media that he was working behind the scenes to get the two Americans released. Shaun King wrote online that they are his friends and supporters.

It turns out the family had never even heard of Shaun King.

Shaun King converted to Islam in solidarity with Palestinians.

“My heart is with my dearest friends in Gaza and I’m proud that we were able to provide meals tonight to thousands and thousands of families from the North to the South in Gaza and will do so every day of Ramadan,” Shaun King wrote on Facebook.

Shaun King said on his second day being a Muslim he is already struggling to pray 5 times a day.


King’s conversion to Islam appears to be another stunt for clout.

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