Greg Gutfeld Suggests the Political Shift Happening Now is Less About Race and More About Democrats’ Hatred of Men (VIDEO)

There is a lot of talk right now about black and Hispanic voters drifting away from Democrats and increasingly supporting Trump.

During a recent episode of The Five on FOX News, Greg Gutfeld suggested that this is not about race as much as it is about black and Hispanic men realizing that they are no longer welcome in the Democrat party.

He says that Democrats have become the party of the AWFL – Affluent, white, liberal women.

Transcript via Real Clear Politics:

GREG GUTFELD: This is not a rematch. This is the second half of the Trump Bowl. And Biden was merely the worst halftime show in history, worse than Maroon 5 in 2019 and that is saying something. We keep talking about the black and Hispanic vote but we are missing what it really is. The Dems are not losing the black and Hispanic vote, they are losing the black and Hispanic men, right? Why don’t they break that down, that men are fleeing the Democratic party like a showing of Barbie?

It is because it is terrifying to them that they are becoming the party of AWFULS, affluent, white, female, [urban], liberals. The Democratic party has become almost a political version of the Bud Light commercial with Dylan Mulvaney. They’ve alienated men in order to please miserable activists, and men are like, hey, we know when we are not wanted. We will see ourselves out. We know what a woman is, right? We know what is best for our kids. We know what it takes to protect our cities and our families and we are tired of apologizing for laughing at funny jokes and having natural testosterone, right?

So they know, they know that the Democratic party has become a gender-specific party, and it is run by a specific type who deny biology, deny reality, deny common sense and laws necessary for safety and security because you know why? They’re too mean. It’s no different than a teacher’s lounge at Smith College.

They have alienated men in favor of tormented activists.

Here’s the video:

Greg Gutfeld went on a rant about how Democrats hate men. The House and Senate are filled with white male Democrats so I’m not sure what he’s talking about. Would anyone call Senator John Fetterman feminine?

— Decoding Fox News (@DecodingFoxNews) March 14, 2024

Is he wrong?

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