New York City Spending a Stunning $387 Per Illegal Immigrant Per Day on Food and Housing

The city of New York is spending an eye-popping $387 per illegal immigrant per day on food and housing. That works out to over $2,700 per illegal immigrant per week. It’s over $10,000 per illegal immigrant per month.

If New York City has that kind of money to spend on illegals, why are there any homeless veterans? Why are there any homeless people at all?

Millions of hardworking Americans live on far less than what New York is spending on illegal border crossers.

The Washington Examiner reports:

New York City spends $387 per migrant per day to provide shelter and food

New York City is spending about $387 per day per migrant to provide food and shelter to the 64,800 migrants in the city, according to data from NYC City Hall.

February’s number is down $5 from an October count when the city was housing 65,400 migrants. That number peaked in November, hitting $391 per day per migrant. These numbers do not reflect the cost of other services like medical care and education.

“In the last two months, Mayor Adams has laid out plans to save billions of taxpayer dollars as New York City manages a national humanitarian crisis, and the numbers show that our efforts are working,” a City Hall spokesperson told The New York Post Tuesday.

He also said the city expects to “save $2.3 billion by next summer.” Mayor Eric Adams is looking to bring the cost per day per migrant down to $352 by fiscal year 2025.

The New York Post reports that illegals are being offered plane and bus tickets to leave NYC but none of them are taking the offer. They don’t want to leave NYC. Is there any wonder why?

Here’s why NYC migrants aren’t accepting free plane, bus tickets out of town

Migrants booted from the Big Apple’s overflowing shelter system on Tuesday said they’re turning down the city’s offer for free plane or bus tickets out of town because it’s too hard to start over elsewhere.

Of the more than two dozen asylum seekers The Post spoke to outside an intake center in the East Village, most said they preferred to stay put and try their luck in New York City — even if it meant going more weeks without a shelter bed.

“Why leave here and start all over?” said Jesus Hernandez, 40, of Venezuela, adding he expects to wait four days to a week to find out about where he’ll be living next.

Some joked the dating scene is what’s keeping them here.

“I want job. I want to stay. I want wife too,” said one Senegalese migrant, who didn’t want to be named.

The amount of money being spent on these people is obscene.

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