Chicago Will Begin Evicting Over 5,600 Illegal Migrants from Shelters on Saturday

Chicago is set to begin evicting over 5,600 illegal migrants from city-run shelters on Saturday.

The evictions come as Mayor Brandon Johnson’s controversial 60-day limit is set to kick in, even though Chicago has been a “Sanctuary City” for nearly 40 years.

Fox News reports, “The policy, which has drawn sharp criticism from progressive lawmakers, has already been delayed several times since November due to the cold weather, but Johnson said Friday that 35 migrants will be told to leave on Saturday with around 5,600 expected to be booted out on a staggered basis over the coming weeks.”

There are currently about 11,200 migrants being housed by the city at taxpayers’ expense.

There has also been an outbreak of measles at one of the shelters.

Johnson told Fox 32 that there will be exceptions for people who have health issues or are pregnant.

“There are exemptions even within this policy, that are still permissible,” Johnson said. “Individuals who are in the process of securing housing or outmigration, if there are other extenuating circumstances around their health or pregnancy.There are a number of people who won’t be subject because they fall under that particular dimension of the policy.”

It is unclear where the evicted illegal migrants will go.

Fox 32 reports, “The city has not detailed how these evictions are going to work or where they are going to start. People exiting shelters will be able to reapply for a bed at the city’s designated ‘landing zone,’ at 800 S. Desplaines St.”

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