INVASION: Another 3.2 Million Illegal Aliens Projected to Cross Border This Year, an All-Time Record

A staggering 3.2 million illegal aliens are expected to cross the southern border into the United States this year, according to a recent think tank analysis.

Aided and abetted by the Democratic Party, millions of illegals have crossed the border every year since the Biden regime seized power in January 2021.

“We forecast U.S. southwest border encounters by Customs and Border Patrol at 2.7 million for FY 2024, based on the last three months of data, adjusted seasonally,” Prince Policy Advisors warned in its latest analysis.

It continues:

Apprehensions look to come in just a hair above 2023 levels. Inadmissibles, those presenting at official crossing points without appropriate documentation, are slated to rise by almost 200,000, largely due to the monthly rise over the last year, but essentially at the same pace as seen in the last few months.

Thus, 2024 is forecast to see a new all-time record for encounters, eclipsing the pre-Biden records set under the Reagan and Clinton administrations by more than one million.  It is also 400,000 higher than the quantities proposed in the much-maligned Border Security Act promulgated last month.

What’s more, the analysis warns that the number of new arrivals will exceed job growth, driving down wages and taking away employment opportunities from hard working Americans.

It notes:

We forecast that undocumented entry will exceed US job growth in 2024. Thus, the resentments seen last year will likely become exacerbated as the US economy is unable to fully absorb arriving migrants.  For President Biden and Democrats, this represents a huge risk.

The path to defeat in November is not principally through disaffected independents and moderate Republicans, but rather through low-wage blacks and Hispanics who will turn to Trump in fear that another four years of Open Borders will gut their wages.

As well as taking jobs and driving down wages, illegal immigration continues to fundamentally undermine American society. In sanctuary cities such as New York and Chicago where the illegals typically show up, they receive free housing, healthcare and other benefits, costing taxpayers billions of dollars.

Meanwhile, the invasion has also enabled violent Latin American gangs and terrorist organizations to slip into the country undetected, allowing them to expand their operations across the American mainland and wreak havoc against innocent civilians.

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