Dementia Joe Biden Unleashes Nasty “Jokes” Toward President Trump at Gridiron Dinner Including Mocking Him as “Too Old and Mentally Unfit”- Social Media Users Respond with Fire

Joe Biden speaks with guests after Gridiron Dinner in Washington D.C. Credit: Ted Johnson @tedstew

Joe Biden unleashed a series of cruel “jokes” targeting President Donald Trump at the infamous “Gridiron Dinner” in Washington Saturday night, including calling him “too old and mentally unfit” to be President. Unsurprisingly, Trump fans were unhappy with his remarks and responded angrily on social media.

As The Daily Mail reported, Saturday was Biden’s first time at the dinner as the White House occupant. The Gridiron Club is an annual Washington tradition that began in the 1880s and features the elites in the nation’s capital trading “jokes” throughout the event.

The Mail notes Biden and Kamala Harris sat next to one of the world’s ultimate elitists, liberal Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos.

The New York Post reported other elites, including Estonia’s Prime Minister Kaja Kallas, Taoiseach of Ireland Leo Varadkar, Utah Gov. Spencer Cox, Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer, and TikTok CEO Shou Zi Chew.

Biden began his 10-minute speech by mocking Trump as “too old and unfit” while playing down his own lack of mental acuity.

“One candidate is too old and mentally unfit to be president,” Biden said. “The other is me.”

Biden went on to take another shot at the 45th President’s memory, first claiming that Trump thinks he’s running against former president Barack Obama.

“You know he ain’t the same guy that I beat in 2020. But don’t tell him. He thinks he’s running against Barack Obama. That’s what he said,” Biden quipped.

Biden also brought up spitting on the Constitution to bail out those who took out student loans to mock Trump’s business acumen (Biden’s never run a business).

“Just yesterday, a defeated-looking man came up and said, ‘I’m being crushed by debt. I’m completely wiped out,” Biden mocked. “I said, ‘Sorry, Donald, I can’t help out’.”

Biden also mocked House Republicans and Florida Governor Ron DeSantis during his nasty speech.

Social media users on X responded with fire after hearing about Biden’s ironic and mean-spirited jokes about Trump.

All Joe Biden has left is to Lie, Lie and then Cheat

Biden tells Gridiron Club dinner one presidential candidate is ‘too old and mentally unfit’ and ‘the other is me’ as he torches Trump and rips ‘the little guy’ DeSantis… ‘I wish these were jokes’

— Scott Hendricks (@ConservativeAd5) March 17, 2024

Biden bowing to the media after he dictates how they should cover him. Such hypocrisy. Trying to convince Americans his failures don’t matter in the face of millions of illegals, rising inflation, record homelessness and a world in chaos. Pathetic.

— Senior Patriot (@reneb865) March 17, 2024

The drug induced Biden wants to run his mouth on his 55 minute high of being shot up on drugs LOL

Biden torches ‘mentally unfit’ Trump and rips ‘the little guy’ DeSantis as he delivers blistering r… via

— Accountability Addict (@BeAccountable4u) March 17, 2024

Biden torches ‘mentally unfit’ Trump at Gridiron Club dinner
Disgusting dementia ridden creeper

— LaylaTexas77 (@LaylaTexas77) March 17, 2024

Oh, senile biden’s so funny!!!
Did he bring up the 10 million illegals he allowed to walk in, or the 20% inflation since he was installed?
Senile biden roasts DeSantis and Trump at Gridiron Club dinner: ‘Too old and mentally unfit’

— mrvegas (@mrvegas95214342) March 17, 2024

Look in the mirror you moronic puppet!
Biden torches ‘mentally unfit’ Trump at Gridiron Club dinner via @MailOnline

— Disgruntled Midwest Patriot (@MadPatriot60) March 17, 2024

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