Hero: 11-Year-Old Chicago Boy Murdered While Protecting Pregnant Mom from Man Allegedly Paroled 1 Day Earlier and on Electronic Monitoring

11-year-old Jayden Perkins was murdered in Chicago, protecting his pregnant mother.

Jayden Perkins, 11, just wanted to protect his pregnant mother from a violent man.

As he fought to keep her safe, the young hero was stabbed to death by a criminal who allegedly was paroled just the day before.

Jayden’s mother, who received multiple stab wounds, is expected to survive along with her unborn child.

Chicago Police Superintendent Larry Snelling said that suspect Crosetti Brand, 37, was released on parole the day before the attack and the victim had an order of protection against him.

Crosetti Brand-Image courtesy of Chicago PD

Snelling added that the suspect was on parole after being sentenced to prison for 16 years for a home invasion and was on electronic monitoring.

NBC5 Chicago reports that on the day following Brand’s release from prison, the victim was on a regular morning phone call with her mother before taking her kids to school.

Brand forced his way into the family’s apartment, documents revealed, and he began stabbing the victim repeatedly as she screamed.

While Brand stabbed his mother, Jayden attempted to help her and was stabbed as a result.

WLS-TV reports:

Chief of Detectives Antoinette Ursitti said Brand was , “Paroled and placed on electronic monitoring last October. While he was on parole, he threatened the female victim via text and also showed up at her home. He was sent back to prison in February for this parole violation.”

The suspect was charged with one count of first degree murder, one count of attempted first degree murder, three counts of home invasion with a dangerous weapon, one count of armed robbery with a dangerous weapon, one count of aggravated domestic battery, one count of unlawful use of a weapon by a felon , one count of violation of a prior order of protection and one issuance of a warrant for a parole violation.


Court records revealed Brand had a prior home invasion conviction, and he previously violated multiple orders of protection, including an order of protection presently in place with the woman Brand allegedly stabbed Wednesday. Police said the mother and Brand had a relationship 15 years ago, but wouldn’t provide any more details.

NEW: 11-year-old boy stabbed to death in Chicago while trying to protect his pregnant mom from her ex-boyfriend who had just been released from jail.


Crosetti Brand, 37, was charged with first-degree murder for the death of Jayden Perkins.

Brand was released on… pic.twitter.com/6Nqv60v6Qj

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Memorial for Jayden Perkins, 11 years old, 5969 N Ravenswood , Chicago 730pm prayer service and balloon release for homicide victim https://t.co/HmSc6GU9pX. @CWBChicago @EricTendian @SubxNews @w_h_thompson @IllinoisReview @BenBergquam @CPD1617Scanner @Chicago_Scannerpic.twitter.com/tl77vXR76H

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