VICTORY: New York Times Declares MAGA is ‘Winning The War’ Over Election Fraud Narrative

The New York Times has published a feature article complaining about how Donald Trump and his movement are “winning the war over disinformation,” another of way of saying that Americans still believe the 2020 presidential election was stolen.

The piece begins by noting that conservatives have “unquestionably prevailed” in their efforts to expose the censorship of the liberal establishment and the widespread evidence of voter fraud that continues to taint American politics:

In the wake of the riot on Capitol Hill on Jan. 6, 2021, a groundswell built in Washington to rein in the onslaught of lies that had fueled the assault on the peaceful transfer of power.

Social media companies suspended Donald J. Trump, then the president, and many of his allies from the platforms they had used to spread misinformation about his defeat and whip up the attempt to overturn it. The Biden administration, Democrats in Congress and even some Republicans sought to do more to hold the companies accountable. Academic researchers wrestled with how to strengthen efforts to monitor false posts.

Mr. Trump and his allies embarked instead on a counteroffensive, a coordinated effort to block what they viewed as a dangerous effort to censor conservatives.

The article goes on to detail how conservatives have successfully overcome efforts by the left to censor and crack down on claims that the election was compromised:

Waged in the courts, in Congress and in the seething precincts of the internet, that effort has eviscerated attempts to shield elections from disinformation in the social media era. It tapped into — and then, critics say, twisted — the fierce debate over free speech and the government’s role in policing content.

Projects that were once bipartisan, including one started by the Trump administration, have been recast as deep-state conspiracies to rig elections. Facing legal and political blowback, the Biden administration has largely abandoned moves that might be construed as stifling political speech.

While little noticed by most Americans, the effort has helped cut a path for Mr. Trump’s attempt to recapture the presidency. Disinformation about elections is once again coursing through news feeds, aiding Mr. Trump as he fuels his comeback with falsehoods about the 2020 election.

The Times also dedicates a lot of column space to examining the rise of Mike Benz, a former Trump administration staffer who has exploded in popularity, mainly because of his ability to concisely summarize how the CIA and deep state are secretly working to undermine the MAGA movement.

Ultimately, such an article vindicates everything that those determined to expose election irregularities have been saying since the beginning. Election fraud is a major issue across every level of U.S. politics, from local races all the way through to the presidential election. And no matter how aggressively the left tries to shut down the evidence, it only grows stronger by the day.

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