Russian Hypersonic Iskander Missile Attack in Odessa Targets Mercenary Troop Gathering

The partial meltdown of Ukrainian defensive lines seem to have been at least temporarily solved, and while Russian forces keep making gains all over the frontline, they are only incremental.

Meanwhile, Kiev is again excelling in the only front that they were ever victorious on: the mainstream media.

So, they make border attacks and incursions that are suicide missions without any strategic or tactical importance – but hey, PR stunts is all that’s left for them.

Meanwhile, while it arises that French President and neo-warmonger in chief Emmanuel Macron has long discussed sending troops to protect the Black Sea port of Odessa, an attack lays bare the increasing presence of western fighters in the country.

According to Russian sources, a large group of Western mercenaries was destroyed in a hypersonic Iskander missile attack on the Mriya sanatorium, in Odessa.

It is estimated that about 100 mercenaries were killed in the attack, with more than 100 wounded.

Unsurprisingly, the MSM is all-too-ready to believe the version coming from Kiev, that every Russian missile always struck a kindergarten or a puppy kennel.

They only say that a Russian ballistic missile attack struck a ‘residential area’ in Ukraine’s Black Sea port city of Odessa.

Reuters reported:

“Two Iskander-M missiles fired from the Russian-occupied Crimea peninsula damaged civilian infrastructure and gas and electricity supply lines in the southern city, regional governor Oleh Kiper said on national television.

A medic and a rescuer were killed by a second missile after rushing to the scene to treat people hurt in the initial strike. Ten people had suffered serious injuries, Kiper said.

Local officials and national police said police were among the dead, including at least two senior officers. A former deputy mayor of the city was also killed.

[…] A three-storey recreational facility was destroyed in the attack as well as at least 10 private houses, the southern military command said.”

But Ukrainian Telegram channel painted a truer picture:

‘Dumskaya’ Channel writes that in the Mriya sanatorium at Kovalevsky’s dacha, where the strike took place, mass events were still held with military personnel.

“The barracks in Nikolaev, Desna and Yavorov, the arrival of the 128th in Zarechny – aren’t there enough such cases to understand once and for all: even in the deep rear it is impossible to concentrate personnel, to hold any kind of mass events with them?

There is a German proverb: Was wissen Zwei, wisst Schwein (“What two know, a pig knows”). But there are clearly not two here – probably the whole district knew that some kind of military or police had settled in the recreational facility. And the enemy quickly included the object in the list of priority targets. It was enough just to wait for the right moment, and then it came…

How many more people must lose their lives before we learn to observe basic safety measures always and everywhere? The question, as they say, is rhetorical.”

Slavyangrad also reported:

“Iskander destroyed a base in Odessa with leaders and militants of a Nazi battalion.

Ukraine tried to pass off today’s strike as an attack on a peaceful facility, but local media reported that among the dead:

Tsunami battalion commander, ex-deputy police chief and ex-deputy mayor Alexander Gostischev.

Military Sergei Tetyukhin, ex-deputy mayor, who left the mayor’s office and mobilized in November 2023.”

But why is Odessa now in such preeminent spot in the war?

Simplicius the Thinker wrote:

“NATO cannot let Russia capture Odessa for a multitude of reasons.

NATO was building important naval bases there in order to fully neutralize Russia’s Black Sea Fleet in the future
It would allow Russia to totally landlock Ukraine, thus ruining NATO’s last remaining puppet-state’s chances of being a military thorn in Russia’s side
The above alone would allow Russia to dominate global wheat markets as Ukraine would have little ways to export its grain
It would allow Russia to create an unbroken land corridor to Transnistria which would catalyze into an even greater ‘domino-effect’ collapse of NATO destabilization plans, allowing Russia to totally solve the PMR issue and create a fortress in the region

In short, it’s absolutely apocalyptic for NATO to lose Odessa.”

In the meantime, the French paper Le Monde tells us that Macron, as early as February 21, at a closed conversation at the Elysee Palace, said: “In any case, in the coming year I will have to send some guys to Odessa.

It was just five days after this incident that Macron publicly announced the possibility of sending troops from France to Ukraine.

Russian Iskander hypersonic missile attack in Odessa.

— Paul Serran (@paul_serran) March 18, 2024

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