The Democrats Cannot Afford to Lose in November

The Democrats Cannot Afford to Lose in November

But nobody believes they can win.

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The Democrats may be in a dilemma, and we can only speculate about how they’ll deal with it. Only a clone of Jake Tapper or Joy Reid wouldn’t notice that Joe Biden is in an advanced state of dementia and may not be able to win in November if his support continues to erode. It may also be hard for the DNC to get a replacement for their floundering incumbent so late in the contest, even if Joe and Jill agree to depart. The Democrats will need a pinch hitter who can hit a homer. Their only credible candidate may be Michelle Obama, who doesn’t seem eager to run and whose victory even if she entered the fray is hardly assured

Unfortunately, the Democrats also can’t afford to lose. They have too much at stake in this hotly fought race to allow Trump to take back the presidency. Here I’m speaking not so much about their nutty woke projects and Green Energy schemes. Even more importantly, the Dems are fighting to hold on to their empire. At least since Obama politicized the federal administration from the left and made entire departments of government subservient to his ideology and the DNP, the Dems have been engaging in some very nasty politics. 

This includes among other activities that will likely come under scrutiny the present lawfare against Trump, the dubious FISA warrant issued to spy on the other party in 2016, the dehumanizing treatment of Trump’s former staff members, the truly brutal punishment meted out to the J6ers, the FBI’s possible complicity in the occupation of the Capitol buildings on January 6, Democratic support for criminal actors during the “Summer of Love” following the death of George Floyd, and the Biden family’s money laundering activities.

It’s not that Trump, pace the MSM, has been eager to carry out a revenge tour. He has said very little on this subject, unless goaded, and usually assures his listener that “my success will be my best revenge.” But the media and those they serve know something unpleasant may be coming unless the Dems can prevail in the fall. Furthermore, if the Republicans win Congress together with the presidency, it seems unlikely that massive investigations of the preceding Democratic administration and its partisans in the government won’t be taking place. And as much as the media may try to protect the besieged Left, some of the revelations that surface will stick to their targets. Moreover, those who have betrayed public trust by working for the Democrats in a highly partisan manner will likely be removed; the Obama-Biden party will lose many of the staffing gains they have achieved in the last 16 years.

It’s unlikely the Dems will allow any of this to happen without first pulling out all stops. They will do everything possible to rig the election in their favor, including the granting of citizenship to illegals, where possible, and arranging to allow other illegals to vote by removing all election integrity safeguards. We may also expect to see drop boxes filled with lots of questionable ballots and Democratic lawyers and their media advocates defending them as valid votes.  

There may also be the (predictable) black swan, perhaps a widely announced media report that Trump attends neo-Nazi gatherings or was once heard making disparaging remarks about some racial minority. Like the Russia collusion charge, this fabrication can be pushed up until the November election, and leftist organizations like the SPLC and the ADL can be enlisted to confirm it. It also wouldn’t surprise me if some Democratic prosecutor in a heavily Democratic district didn’t accuse Trump of some new “felony,” a criminal allegation manufactured for the occasion like the one devised against Trump in New York City. Anything that diverts attention from Biden’s advanced senility and less than inspiring record as chief executive will do.

The problem, as Greg Gutfeld noted, is that no one but very partisan Democrats would believe Biden actually won, no matter how well-engineered the trickery. A certain implausibility would be attached to his victory, and at least half the country would reject the election results. That may be the Catch-22 situation in which the Dems now find themselves. They are stuck with a disastrously poor candidate, who can’t run on real issues, like border security, energy costs, controlling crime, and halting inflation. Unfortunately, he seems to have caused lots of things to become a lot worse since he took office. 

Biden is also unable to communicate coherently and wanders around in obvious confusion unless someone helps him on and off platforms. That such a pathetic figure, who either mumbles helplessly as he tries to read from his teleprompter or tells obvious, embarrassing lies in interviews, can win a presidential race is itself suspect. That he can win against a vigorous opponent who showed far greater competency in the same office will look mighty strange. There’s no way the Dems would be able to deal with this credibility gap. But the last thing they can afford to do is lose the presidential race.   

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