Polish PM Tusk Illegally Arrests Two Opposition MPs INSIDE THE PRESIDENTIAL PALACE – President Duda Already Pardoned the Duo, Vows To Have Them Freed

Oland’s president Duda, and Globalist PM Tusk.

Globalist cheerleader and former President of the European Commission, liberal Polish PM Donald Tusk, has shown his true (and ugly) colors.

He illegally had two nationalist MPs arrested INSIDE the Presidential Palace, in a move sure to inflame the already tense political situation in the country.

Needless to say, the tyrannical move is cheered by the world’s liberal-globalist MSM. Leftist Politico called it Poland’s battle to restore rule of law.

The police entered the country’s presidential palace on Tuesday evening and took two MPs into custody.

They had taken refuge under the protection of President Andrzej Duda, who was out of the palace and kept from arriving at the scene in time by an engineered ‘traffic situation’.

One of the MPs – a political prisoner – has begun a HUNGER STRIKE.

President Duda vowed Wednesday morning that he “won’t rest” until former Home Affairs Minister Mariusz Kamiński and his deputy Maciej Wąsik are released from custody.

Duda has insisted that a pardon he issued for the duo in 2015 is valid.

In another Politico report:

“’I won’t rest until Minister Mariusz Kamiński and his colleagues are free people again, as they should be, until they are released from prison’, Duda said, adding that he was ‘deeply shaken’ by their ‘brutal’ arrest.

According to Duda and the rest of the former Law and Justice (PiS) government camp, Kamiński and Wąsik were arrested illegally and both are still legitimate members of parliament, rejecting a decision by the speaker of parliament — buttressed by a Supreme Court verdict issued Wednesday — that they lost the right to sit as MPs after being convicted of a crime.

A different chamber of the Supreme Court, whose legitimacy is contested by European courts, issued a contrary ruling days ago, finding that Speaker Szymon Hołownia was incorrect in extinguishing their parliamentary mandates.”

That is – a court has denied the speaker’s motion – and whatever the EU feelings about the court have no bearing since it is a functioning institution, and after all, the EU is nothing but a ‘parody of the Soviet Union’ as Hungarian PM Viktor Orbán has said.

PM Tusk is showing his true colors, as he illegally arrests two MPs in the Presidential Palace, while they kept Duda from arriving at the scene and saving the two men he has already pardoned. Msm as expected applauds the abuse. Polish citizens are in war footing. pic.twitter.com/GrWUcgLItQ

— Paul Serran (@paul_serran) January 10, 2024

The arrests have polarized an already deeply divided country. PiS loyalists, including party leader Jarosław Kaczyński, rallied outside the Warsaw prison where they were being held.

“Kaczyński called them Poland’s first political prisoners since the end of communist rule in 1989, saying, ‘this is very sad and extremely scandalous, because these are people who were convicted of crimes they did not commit’.”

One of the political prisoners, Kamiński pledged on Wednesday that he would go on a hunger strike.

“’I declare that I treat my conviction for fighting corruption and taking the unlawful action of depriving me of my parliamentary seat as an act of political revenge. Therefore, as a political prisoner, from the first day of my imprisonment, I will start a hunger strike’, he said in a statement.”

Tusk, who pledged to “restore rule of law” once in power, but, in fact, is flexing his political muscles in a lawless way.

He is illegally trying to cut off PiS from institutions it still controls, like the public media.

“Those steps have been criticized for bending or even breaking the law — a finding that was supported when a Warsaw court on Wednesday denied registering new supervisory and management boards for TVP, the state-owned broadcaster. However, a later decision by the government to put the broadcaster into liquidation and appoint new management is still in force.”

Polish President Duda on his X account:

“President @AndrzejDuda in #PałacPrezydencki : I will not rest in the fight for a fair and just Polish state. I will not rest until Mariusz Kamiński and his collaborators are free. I won’t be scared. I will act legally, in accordance with the Constitution and the law – as before. As the one who was elected by 10.5 million Poles, I appeal for calm. It is allowed to gather and participate in demonstrations in Poland, but I ask that they be dignified and peaceful. Justice, honesty and a free Poland must win. This is what our ancestors fought for and this is our duty to build such a Poland.”

American political commentator Jack Posobiec, who is from a Polish family, wrote on Telegram:

“This is a coup. Poland’s President had pardoned the arrested MPs. A ‘bus’ blocked the President from reaching the palace before the police!”

Former Polish PM Mateusz Morawiecki: for the first time since communism, we have political prisoners.

NEW – Former PM of Poland: “For the first time since the dark days of totalitarian rule, we have political prisoners in Poland.” pic.twitter.com/3Zv58O57CL

— Paul Serran (@paul_serran) January 10, 2024

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