(VIDEO) HIGH SPEED BUS CHASE: O’Keefe Media Group Releases Part Two of Illegal Immigration Nonprofit Exposé, Police Called AGAIN – TGP’s Jordan Conradson to Join Live X Space With James O’Keefe @ 4 PM ET

James O’Keefe and O’Keefe Media Group have released part two of their secret migrant center reporting, where they expose the lengths bus drivers will go to in order to hide the illegals they are transporting at the expense of taxpayers.

The Gateway Pundit previously reported that O’Keefe released part of its ‘Secret Migrant Center’ at 1211 East Apache in Phoenix, Arizona.

After O’Keefe uncovered the secret Phoenix migrant ‘refugee’ facility, a worker tried to bribe him, which was caught on tape!

“How much did you guys get paid? I’ll pay you guys,” Migrant facility worker Jesus Moreno said to O’Keefe.

O’Keefe Media Group: Secret Illegal Migrant Center Exposed: Phoenix Migrant ‘Refugee’ Facility Worker Caught Trying to Bribe Journalist (VIDEO)

Last month, O’Keefe Media Group also released video footage of illegal aliens being dropped off at Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport in Arizona.

This latest footage shows O’Keefe engaged in a high-speed bus chase as he follows illegal immigrants being transported and smuggled to the airport to be transported around the country on our tax dollars.

The bus can be seen swerving, making dangerous maneuvers, and blocking traffic on the road in an attempt to evade the journalists. “The swerving and evasive maneuvering by the bus was so violent that we actually lost track of this particular bus,” said James in the video.

The second bus driver began recording James from behind the wheel while blocking traffic and holding the illegals on the bus to avoid James’ reporting. She then called the police on O’Keefe and his team. James noted the “irony” of people transporting illegal immigrants and calling the police on American journalists for reporting news that other Americans should know.

When the illegals entered Sky Harbor Airport in Phoenix, they cut the line at American Airlines and were escorted to their flight by what would appear to be Phoenix Police.

According to O’Keefe, the illegals were stationed at the Tohono Ono facility on an Indian reservation in southern Arizona. From there, they are transported to “tent cities” across Arizona, including some in Nogales and Tucson. They are then bussed north to another processing facility or an NGO to be taken to the airport and their final destinations. At least one bus driver was an employee of Arizona’s Santa Cruz County. She declined to answer more questions.

Additionally, American Red Cross employees were filmed working to traffick these migrants in cooperation with other nonprofits. Red Cross officials confirmed that migrants are taken to secret shelters before going to the airport.

One of the employees at the secret facility that they uncovered is then seen blocking James’ camera. At one point, he exclaimed, “No discussion!” when asked questions about what was going on. If these people are doing nothing wrong, what are they so afraid of?

Watch below:


A bus full of asylum seekers nearly runs @okeefemedia team off the road, swerving violently and attempting to reverse into the front of vehicle.

Once again, the Phoenix police were called on us.

Border Patrol insiders and citizen journalists… pic.twitter.com/RQ7qzUxmbL

— James O’Keefe (@JamesOKeefeIII) January 10, 2024

James O’Keefe is hosting an X space at 4 pm ET to break down his latest release and discuss the findings with other journalists who have covered the Biden Border Crisis, including TGP’s Jordan Conradson.

Tune in live here:

Spaces today at 4pm! https://t.co/QnAqE72ovq

— James O’Keefe (@JamesOKeefeIII) January 10, 2024

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