It’s Been Almost a Year Since the Disaster in East Palestine, Ohio and Joe Biden Still Has Not Visited

Almost a year ago, a train derailed in East Palestine, Ohio, spilling toxic chemicals that poisoned the air and water of the community.

Joe Biden promised to visit at some point and still has yet to show his face there.

Trump visited almost immediately and got a hero’s welcome, prompting a visit from our completely useless transportation secretary Pete Buttigieg, which was nothing more than a lame attempt to save face by the Biden administration.

In this video, Karine Jean-Pierre is repeatedly asked by the press when Biden is going to visit the town and she just keeps putting them off.

316 days ago, Biden promised he would visit East Palestine, Ohio, “at some point.”

He hasn’t — and won’t — because he is a lying

— RNC Research (@RNCResearch) January 13, 2024

Biden simply doesn’t care. How else is anyone supposed to take this?

The people of East Palestine have been abandoned by this feckless administration! So sinister! Heck the whole country has been abandoned by this corrupt regime!

— Kathleen Winchell (@KathleenWinche3) January 13, 2024

Anyone remember this? Democrats are Americans LAST!! Never forget! Please, let’s make this go viral.

— AllyinTucson (@Rockinthe60z) January 13, 2024

Do people realize how many vacation days Biden has taken in the last year? Yet he couldn’t find the time to visit Ohio?

Since he promised to go (lied) to East Palestine, Biden has spent over 100 days at home in Delaware, on the beach, or on vacation in the Caribbean & Lake Tahoe.

Biden’s excuse? “I’ve been very busy!”

— Bailey (@realsnoopbailey) January 13, 2024

Liars are gonna lie, and the fact is that he doesn’t give a rat’s a$$ about the uS and it’s citizens. He only cares about Ukraine and illegal immigrants. Unbelievable

— MimiMcG (@MimiMc07) January 13, 2024

When will @PressSec finally admit she’s a pathological liar who lies to Americans and throw up her hands in defeat & agree .. YES, @JoeBiden our @POTUS is a dangerous lying corrupt president, and the worst thing that’s ever happened to America in the history of presidents!

— Maia Nova (@nova_maia) January 13, 2024

Biden deserves to pay a heavy political price for this in November.

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