The Hunt for Viktor Orbán – 120 Globalist European Lawmakers Want To Punish Hungary, Take Away Its Voting Rights in the EU

The years-long political struggle between Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán and the European Union seems to be coming to a head.

Conservative champion Orbán is hated with a passion by Brussels for the very same reasons that make us care for him – defense of family values, of a national culture, rejection of Climate Alarmist lunacy and suicidal unchecked mass migration – oh, yes, and the icing on the cake: refusal to finance the proxy war against Russia in Ukraine.

The Hungarian PM is also not fond of the EU as it stands now, as we can learn from his already classic assessment:

“Today, things pop up that remind us of the Soviet times. Yes, it happens that history repeats itself. Fortunately, what once was tragedy is now a comedy at best. Brussels is not Moscow. Moscow was a tragedy. Brussels is just a bad contemporary parody.”

And so it happens that a group of EU lawmakers want to punish Hungary by moving one step closer to suspending Budapest’s vote in the bloc.

Reuters reported:

“One hundred and twenty of the European Parliament’s 705 members signed the letter after Orbán blocked a review of the bloc’s budget in December that included granting Ukraine 50 billion Euros ($55 billion) in new financial aid through 2027.”

December’s EU Summit brought tensions to a boil: Hungarian PM ‘left the room’ to facilitate a vote to initiate membership talks with Ukraine, but on the same day, he exercised his veto – as he had announced – and vetoed a hefty aid package to war-torn Kiev.

The globalist MEPs will,, of course,, use the ‘rule of law’ excuse, which is nothing but newspeak for ‘following the insane suicidal Brussels policies to the letter.’

“‘The letter demonstrates a clear willingness in the Parliament to launch Article 7.2 TEU’, the author of the letter, Finland’s MEP, Petri Sarvamaa, said, referring to the next step in the disciplinary steps described in article 7 of the EU treaty for countries not respecting the rule of law.

‘But above all, it highlights the urgency of addressing Viktor Orbán’s actions’, said Sarvamaa, who is from the centre-right European People’s Party (EPP), the biggest faction in the current European legislature.”

The European Commission’s decision unfroze billions in December of EU financial support to Budapest. The money had been suspended for years.

But Orbán remains under pressure ‘over the rights of migrants, LGBT community, freedom of courts and academics’.

He also criticized the EU’s sanctions against Moscow and financial and military support for Ukraine.

“[EU leaders] will meet again in Brussels on Feb. 1 to have another go at the 50 billion euro support package for Ukraine. If Hungary’s vote in the EU were to be suspended as a result of the Article 7 process, aid for Ukraine could be agreed much more easily.”

Euronews reported:

“The Hungarian premier infuriated his fellow leaders when he made good on his threat to veto a proposed €50-billion fund to provide Ukraine with macro-financial assistance between 2024 and 2027.

Approving the special fund, known as the Ukraine Facility, has become a matter of extreme urgency as Brussels has already run out of money to send to Kyiv, and Washington is stuck in a legislative impasse with no breakthrough in sight.

Leaders are set to reconvene again on 1 February to either greenlight the Facility or come up with an alternative plan. Ahead of the make-or-break date, Hungarian officials have put forward several requests in exchange for lifting the veto.”

Hungary has been under the first chapter of Article 7 since 2018, having to to explain the ‘situation’ in regular hearings.

“Now, the group of 120 MEPs – out of a total of 705 – wants to trigger the second step of Article 7, where EU leaders, acting by unanimity, can determine the ‘existence of a serious and persistent’ violation of fundamental values.

[…] The lawmakers argue this move could take Hungary onto the third phase of Article 7, where the Council can vote to suspend ‘certain’ rights enjoyed by the accused country, including voting rights to pass legislation and agree on common positions.”

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